Key Menzner Contacts

Call 1-800-257-1284 Monday – Friday (6:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. CST) for customer service or any question(s) regarding our products. We can also be reached via e-mail at

We offer only the best at Menzner Hardwoods and we keep every step of the process in the family—business, that is. Combined with our enduring 120 year heritage, along with the skilled talent that we deploy, Menzner Hardwoods is here to meet your every need.

At Menzner Hardwoods, our vertically integrated manufacturing and distribution operation sets us apart from all others, and it provides us with the unique ability to take our products from the woods to the shelf, quickly and with ease. Proud of our in-house services, we truly offer a one-stop-shop opportunity for our customers. Everything from Menzner Hardwoods is under the same roof. We understand that this is a sharp competitive advantage for the customers that we serve, and we are doing what it takes to stay dynamic and nimble in the markets in which we compete.

Finally, you should know that at Menzner Hardwoods you can expect an ever changing mix of innovative diversified products, tremendous flexibility and speed-to-market capabilities. Give us a call, we are ready to serve and will provide you with the wonderful customer service that you have come to expect.

Menzner Hardwoods
105 Main Street
PO Box 217
Marathon, WI 54448
Creating exceptional millwork designs
Customer Service
Phone: 800-257-1284

Phil Menzner
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Mike Moe
Sales Manager
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Scott Dunst
Manager, Customer Service
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MLC Transportation, LLC
105 Main Street
PO Box 217
Marathon, WI 54448
Transporting lumber and products
Toll Free: 800-451-3986
Fax: 715-443-6515

Rolly Koppa
Transportation Manager
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Ryan Andersen
Transportation Specialist
Email Ryan
Trading and purchasing hardwood lumber
Phone: 800-257-1284
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