Environmental Stewards

Remembering where we come from. Being responsible for where we go.

At Menzner Hardwoods we will continue to honor our past, while protecting our future. Co-founded by the man who first tamed the Rib River and a German immigrant who foresaw the opportunity of the railroad, we have big shoes to fill. And while we want to leave deep impressions behind with our artistry and quality, we want to tread lightly on the environment of future generations.

Environmental stewardship guides the quality control processes for the exceptional products and services that have made us the industry leader that we are. We do not waste a scrap and we use alternative wood waste energy resources where possible. At Menzner Hardwoods, we believe our history is worth repeating and we recognize that our current actions will define the history of future generations.

Firm believers in our responsibility to promote good forest management, we are members of the associations and foundations: