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Forest Products Impact Our Lives

Forest Products Week 2021 in Wisconsin is all about how forest products can impact our daily lives. Whether you see it or you don’t, forest products are everywhere you look. From the pencil you use to jot notes to the door to your room. It can be very hard to get away from wood products. 

Here at Menzner Hardwoods, the same thing runs true. Every piece of lumber is different and the same goes for our customers. Everyone is different, which means no one room will be the same. That is why we offers hundreds of different products to fit your exact needs. With multiple species of wood such as Red Oak, Pine, Cherry, Maple, Knotty Alder, and many more the potential for individualization within every room is endless. 

Not only is our list of species extensive, but so are our profiles. From Crown to T-Astragal mouldings there is something for your every need. A blank room is a canvas, and at Menzner we give you the brush to make your dream room a reality.  

By: Diego Orozco