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Menzner Member to Know - Julie H.!

Julie works at our Riverside facility as a purchasing agent. Her job is to order everything the company may need from random supplies to parts for machines. Julie likes a good challenge of trying to find parts that she’s never ordered before!   

When she’s not working, Julie loves spending time with her family on a lake or in the woods. Even though she is terrible at the game, golf is her passion, and she loves playing!   If she could only have one food going forward it would probably have to be chicken wings, and she believes the best place to get them is Bob and Randy’s in Wausau!   

When asked what she would do with one million dollars, Julie responded, “If I had a million dollars, I would set my boys up so they wouldn’t have to work quite so hard!”   One thing you probably don’t know about Julie is that she is a wild mushroom forager!   

 We appreciate everything you do for our team, Julie!