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Menzner Member to Know - Julie

Julie works in our Wisconsin plants as a Back-up Moulder Operator, but also assists in many other areas of the plants. Julie’s favorite part of her job is the freedom and flexibility to work wherever she is needed whether in the Main Marathon Plant, the Riverside Plant, or the Wausau Plant.

 When not working, Julie LOVES to travel and work on crafts. She is always looking for inspiration for her next project for her patio or for her mother’s house or cabin! In the summer months, she enjoys going to her cabin with family to do yardwork, go fishing, or just take random road trips with no real destination. Julie also loves spending time with her nieces, nephews, and Goddaughter. If given one million dollars, Julie would pay off her bills and travel with her family and friends as much as possible! 

There are still a couple places on her bucket list that she would love to see and experience. When asked where she feels the happies, Julie responded, “I am happiest when I am sitting at the beach and listening to the Ocean Waves, The Best part of any Vacation!” 

We appreciate you being such a great member of our team, Julie!!