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Menzner Member to Know! - Charlotte

Charlotte is a Customer Service Representative at our Wisconsin location. Through her position, she works closely with all shipping and receiving departments throughout the company. She also enjoys working with our customers, and the amazing Menzner Hardwoods crew across all locations! 

Outside of work, Charlotte spends her time running her kids to tournaments/practices, going hunting, kayaking, being outdoors, and spending time with her family. Charlotte’s favorite food is tacos or nachos, but her favorite place to eat is somewhere that makes a good burger, or Briq’s Soft Serve. 

When asked what the best thing was to happen to her so far this week, Charlotte response was “It’s only Monday!” If given one million dollars, Charlotte would pay off her house, and get a nice piece of land for her family and friends to enjoy. The one thing she can’t live without is family, and she is happiest when she has nothing to do but relax and enjoy the sun! 

We appreciate all you do for our team, Charlotte!