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National Engineers Week!

Happy National Engineers Week! Today we would like to acknowledge the members of our hard-working engineering team, Noah and Mike! 

 Mike and Noah work on several projects every day. Mike’s favorite type of projects are ones where you can collaborate with coworkers and outside vendors to reach an end goal - whether that be constructing a new building or designing a new piece of equipment. He likes taking an idea and following through with it through all stages until finally seeing the end product.

Noah enjoys the problem-solving aspect of his job the most. His favorite type of project is one where he can work to solve other people’s/departments problems - he enjoys having the opportunity to learn a little bit more about other people and their jobs along the way! 

 When asked if he had any advice for future engineers, Mike’s response was, “Keep an open mind and listen to other’s ideas. The team out on the floor are the ones that are closest to many of the projects we work on and will ultimately be the end users. We can solve problems for departments all day long, but we may have come to the wrong solution. Communication is key!”