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Rolly Koppa, Transportation Manager, Retires after 50 Years

The Year: 1972 

Approximately 2/3 of our current workforce was not born yet on May 1st 1972. But what else happened in 1972, and exactly WHY would the people of Menzner Hardwoods care? Please read on… 

~ The average price of a gallon of gas was $0.34. 

 ~The biggest blockbuster movie = The Godfather. 

~Song of the year: “You’ve Got a Friend”, by Carole King. 

~The Green Bay Packers entered the regular-season game at Minnesota on December 10 with an 8– 4 record. This time, the Packers overcame a 7–0 halftime deficit at Metropolitan Stadium with 23 unanswered points to clinch the division title! 

~The 1972 Milwaukee Brewers played 156 games during the regular season, won 65 games, lost 91 games, and finished in sixth position. They played their home games at County Stadium where 600,440 fans witnessed their 1972 Brewers finish the season with a .417 winning percentage. 

~The 1964 to 1972 time period was referred to as the “golden era of muscle cars”. ~The best-selling car in 1972: VW Beetle, which overtook Ford’s Model T as the world’s all-time most-produced automobile. (The Beetle was reintroduced in 2005). 

Other national Averages: 

~ Average cost of a new house: $27,550. 

~New Ford Pinto: $2,078. 

~Average monthly rent: $165.00. 

~Wrangler jeans: $12.00. 

~Our president was Richard Nixon, who later went on to defeat Democrat George McGovern in November of 1972 in one of the largest landslides in U.S. history for a second term. 

~In Video Gaming: Atari begins the dawn of video games with their release of the arcade game Pong, the first commercially successful video game. 

MOST importantly though, our own Rolly Koppa of Menzner Hardwoods and MLC Transportation, LLC joined Menzner Hardwoods on May 1, 1972. It is with very mixed emotions that we say farewell to Rolly today as he packs up 50 years of memories here, and moves on to the next chapter of his life into retirement. 

Although there are countless stories, Rolly’s 50 years with Menzner Hardwoods, MLC Transportation, LLC and the Menzner family could never fit in one article. Rolly actually played Santa Claus to our owner and President, Phil Menzner, and his siblings, when Phil was a young boy. At the time, Rolly worked for Phil’s dad, Bob Menzner, and it should not go unnoted that Rolly’s dad also worked for Menzner Hardwoods. We unfortunately may likely never see this much dedication and longevity again. 

Rolly, You will be dearly missed by so many of us!! Enjoy your retirement! You deserve it!