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New Building

Menzner Hardwoods Co. (“Menzner Hardwoods”) today announced that it will be expanding its manufacturing footprint in Marathon, Wisconsin to include the real estate, buildings and a portion of the equipment located on the current Granite Valley Forest Products site at 901 2nd Street in Marathon, Wisconsin.

President and CEO, Phil Menzner, stated, “We have been evaluating the long-term facility plan for our manufacturing site in Marathon, Wisconsin and are excited to be able to utilize an existing site in Marathon to accomplish our objectives.”

Over the next several months, Menzner Hardwoods plans to relocate its profile wrapping operations from its existing facility in Marathon to the new site in order to expand manufacturing capacity in other areas of its business. Additionally, it plans to begin operating the existing dry kilns to supplement its other dry kiln operations.

The asset purchase transaction is subject to customary terms and conditions, and is expected to close on February 26, 2021.

Menzner Hardwoods manufactures hardwood mouldings and related products, as well as veneer products at facilities located in Marathon, Wisconsin, Wausau, Wisconsin, and Somerset, Kentucky. Additionally, it operates kiln drying facilities in Weir, Mississippi and West Union, South Carolina.